"Singapore will become a “super-aged” society by 2030 (1 in 5 above the age of 60). It is increasingly crucial to prepare for our oncoming Silver Age."

We're revolutionizing ComCare technology through a single client-centric application, PivotCare.


"IT can be intimidating, but to stay manual limits potential."

A cancer survivor who aspires to help the needy, Chrissie has been in the industry of wheelchair transportation for over a decade. She has organized many charitable events and outreach programs for the wheelchair-bound community, as well as the elderly. It has provided a wealth of insight into the needs of mobility-impaired

Gaps the Community Care sector faces have been made known, one of them being inefficiencies of admin work by paper. To many eldercare centers, IT adoption is alien and intimidating. Yet choosing to do things manually is highly inefficient and limits capabilities.

Determinedly, Chrissie set out in search for a solution.


"Eldercare can be digitalized in a sophisticated, yet approachable manner."

Experienced in the realms of disruptive technology and IT start-ups, James thrives on developing digital solutions for different industries. 

Chrissie's predicament intrigued James. He believes eldercare can be digitalized in a sophisticated yet approachable manner; that modern software companies can work hand-in-hand with grassroot organizations.

Rallying fellow IT veterans, James began working closely with Chrissie to combine her industry knowledge with their technical know-how.


Meet PivotCare

PivotCare is a ComCare platform built for Singapore grassroot organizations (Eldercare and Senior Activities Centres), encouraging them to digitize their daily center operations.

Our ground-up approach ensures that approachability and empathy remain at the core of this joint venture. With PivotCare's easy and adaptive technology, these organizations can provide effective first level response to neighborhood elderly's needs.

The application will provide a seamless, automated manner for Care Centre personnel to carry out.

Features List
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Client Profile

Provides data-driven overview of individual clients

Care & Case

Digitize documentation and management of client's needs and preferences

Activities & Events

Automate processes behind event management (e.g. registration, scheduling, etc)

Client Profile Management

Provides 360 view of the client from data collected from client engagement, centre activities and government agencies (if made available).

Profiles clients based on the standardized assessments used by the centre, inclusive of:

  • Health, Social, & Financial Support Needs

  • Activity Preferences

  • Health Conditions

  • Housing Condition


Care & Case Management

Digitize documentation and management of clients’ social and health (physical and mental) preferences and needs. Proactive and coordinated support of services and intervention through regular client engagement activities.

  • Monitor client’s status and refer to appropriate social-health service when necessary

  • Serve as point of contact for clients without family support on all social-health matters

  • Collaborate with other care providers to strengthen networks, share information, and improve service integration

  • Track entire client management process


Activities & Events Management

With PivotCare, automate the following processes behind event management:

  • Digitize the registration and scheduling of centre activities

  • Client attendance-taking

  • Logistics and resource planning

  • Collection of feedback from clients post-event


Building a solution for you, from you.

At NexPivot, we understand that every client is different.

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NexPivot develops IT products and services for the Community Care sector.

Services include business process reengineering, project management and change management; IT products include Care Service Management Systems, i.e. PivotCare offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs for clients.

We work with business owners, center or program managers, presidents, or CEOs within organizations. Any group or individual who desires to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs in their Community Care facilities.